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Adriántxu is a director, producer, photographer, musician, explorer – a protean artist by nature. His work with astrophotography invites the viewer to momentarily reconsider their existence. He creates images depicting solitary, man-made objects captured amidst the vastness of the cosmos, which offer his perspective towards life, questioning humanity's legacy and its relevance on a grander scale.


He was born in Venezuela and was driven to create art from a young age, beginning with music. He majored in Journalism and Mass Communications and fell in love with visual arts, taking special interest in photography, video production and graphic design. As a musician, his Latin Grammy award-winning band, Viniloversus, earned a reputation locally and internationally for their explosive live shows and concept-driven albums. 


He is currently based in Miami where he continues to work in multiple crafts & disciplines. At night, while the city lights up and comes to life, the beaches become deserted and the universe shows its majesty. This inspired Adriántxu to contrast our galaxy’s beauty with the futility of our artifices, to show just how small the role we play really is. 

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